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Welcome to the raffle Support Page.

This page is to assist club members and VMAA clubs with promoting the BRAG MEGA RAFFLE.

We are inviting Victorian clubs to participate in this fundraising event and share in the proceeds.

Read on to find out more.

Main links:

The actual raffle where you buy tickets: https://rafflelink.com.au/brag-mega-raffle-24 (main Link)

Our website page with full raffle details: https://www.bawbawrc.com.au/i/2024-brag-mega-raffle

The event day when the raffle is drawn: https://www.bawbawrc.com.au/i/2024-blue-rock-float-fly-april-20-21

Download Raffle flyer here

It is recommended to use the first raffle link above in all promotions so the recipient lands on the main ticket page.

Thank you for supporting the BRAG club.

The easiest way to help is to share the raffle page is by going to the raffle page and using the social share menu that pops up on the screen.

This can be done by sharing our raffle page on face book, via emails, text messages and any other social platform that is appropriate.

The share menu looks like this:

When doing this you may need to be logged in to the club account or your personal account if that suits.

Click here to go to the actual raffle page

Your help is greatly appreciated so lets share.

For clubs that want to help more than a post or two, and are happy to regularly remind their members about the raffle, feel free to contact me and we will add you club to the raffle list.

To show our appreciation, and by being on this list, your club will receive $1 (one dollar) for every ticket sold when the purchaser selects your club during the checkout process.

As seen here:

What makes a successful raffle?

Obviously selling a Ship Load of tickets, so what can we do?

In our opinion it is all about the reach. Sharing and spreading the word is what leads to success.

Yes we appreciate your members buying tickets, as every ticket sale helps.

And if members are not in the mood or position to buy a ticket they can still help by sharing the link to the raffle page. There may be someone in their circle of family and friends who want to support the club and be in the running to win one of the great prizes we have on offer. It also makes sense to ask them to share the raffle, and also include you club acronym in the message.

Suggested Introduction email to your members (Updated 09-02-2024)

This is only a suggestion to get the ball rolling, please feel free to modify or use as is as deemed appropriate for your membership or writing style.

Dear members,

The BRAG club located at blue rock lake has asked us to support their BRAG MEGA RAFFLE.

As a newly formed club they are sill in the process of setting up the club site and infrastructure. The club is raising funds for things like a defibrillator, club room, water tanks etc.

A lot of hard work has gone into setting up this raffle including securing some good prizes, and they are looking to maximise the exposure to modelers and the general public.

So how can we help?

At a committee level we will be in regular contact with the membership and promoting the raffle on our socials.

As a member you can buy a ticket, or if that does not suit at the moment, share the raffle via your socials, email and text messages.

The good news is that this raffle is hosted online and there are no raffle books to be concerned with.

It is only a case of sharing this link: https://rafflelink.com.au/brag-mega-raffle-24

And including our Club Acronym (put it here) in the messaging. Why?

Sharing can also be done from the raffle website at the above link by using the social sharing menu.

To show their appreciation, the BRAG club want to donate $1 for ever tickets sale we promote, so including our club acronym is important to track this. The ticket buyer simply selects our club during the checkout process.

Further more, the BRAG club is happy to return the favour on any future promotions our club does

For more detail about the BRAG MEGA RAFFLE and Float Fly event, visit https://www.bawbawrc.com.au/ ant go to the EVENTS menu.

Please Note: Only Vic residents can by tickets.

Thank you for your help