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About us

Bawbaw RadioModellers Association Gipssland Inc is a new club that was incorporated in 2020.

The club is located on the edge of Blue Rock Dam and provides for both a land based run way, and water take off for float planes.

With exceptional veiws, and good company, the the club provides for a great day out.

Our story

Bawbaw RadioModellers Association Gippsland Inc was incorporated in 2020 by the 5 founding members.

The intention is to set up a home base for the club at the Blue Rock site, that is functional and enjoyable to use.

We would like to welcome new members, members from other clubs and visitors.


The runway is placed East-West in direction with plent of approch and take off space

Float planes

Access to the lake is relatively close to the club amenities.


Enjoy the views and the atmosphere where the hills and bush land meet the water.