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Visitors are welcome to visit our club.

Fell free to rock up on a fly day or call the number at the top left of this page to make an appointment.

Or Click here to email us.

As a visitor we kindly ask that, you check in by signing the register, maintain social distancing and hygiene requirements, follow the directions of the members and follow the safety rules.

Contact us:

If ok, please put your phone number in the message.

Blue Rock Lake RC plane club site
Blue Rock Lake RC club Willow Grove
Blue Rock Lake RC club park area near Moe, Trafalgar, Warragul

Welcome to BawBaw Radiomodellers Association Gisppsland inc.

Fly days are usually on Sunday mornings starting at 9am, weather permitting.

A range of RC airplanes are flown at the club including, scale model planes, Trainers, Sport, Aerobatic, and even drones & helicopters.

Visitors are very welcome.

If you would like to learn aircraft modelling and how to fly a model RC airplane, please contact us and we can discuss helping you to learn and enter this great sport. Visit our learn to fly page for more information by clicking here.

For more images check out our gallery by clicking here

Our RC model plane club is located at Blue Rock Road, Willow Grove, Right on the shoreline of the Blue Rock Lake, in Gippsland Victoria.