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For Sale / Wanted

This page is for club members to advertise something for sale or something they are chasing, usually related to the hobby.

Send in your pictures, text, price and contact details to the Secretary.

It will then be uploaded to this page.

All dealings are of a personal nature between the buyer and the seller and the club is only listing it on behalf of the seller.

Once something is sold, the seller needs to contact the secretary so the item can be marked as sold or removed.



New model with or without new LEO 46, muffler and 2 new Hitec HS 425 BB aileron servos and JR servos for rudder (NES-511), elevator (NES-517) and throttle (NES-511) also with cowls and tip floats.

$260 or $170 without engine

Contact Graeme Blackman - 0438 597 723