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Disabled Toilet for Local Community use

The BRAG RC club is pleased to announce that the disabled toilet recently delivered is available to the local community for those who have a need for for a disabled facility.

Feel free to come down to the club and enjoy the outdoors. Use the track around the shore line and down to the point. Stay a while and enjoy the scenery, or come down and watch the planes fly.

It is the Club's intention that this new facility makes the area more accessible or allows for longer stays making for a enjoyable visit.

To access the toilet you will need a code to the padlock. Register via the form below to to receive your code. Please note this may take a few days to respond.

Please note that the standard toilets and disabled toilet will be open on fly days.

Contact us to receive a code to the disable toilet. Please allow a few days to get the code.

Use this form to receive a code to access the disabled toilet.

Details required;


Email address:

Please add these in the message section along with any other comments.

Mobile Number: and


Currently access is via coded padlock with rotating numbers.

Codes will be sent out via email and or text within a few days.

You or your carer can register on your behalf.

We are working on an electronic system and will communicate with users to determine if this is more practicable.

Please note: This is not a toilet for general public use, as it takes time and money to maintain this type of facility. We want to make sure it is in clean and functional for those who need a disabled facility.

To help with maintenance costs, please feel free to donate to the club. If you wish to do so, please contact the treasurer

treasurer at bawbawrc.com.au (Substitute "at" with @)

This is a community project supported by the following: