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BRAG RC Model Plane Club

Its finally here, our new mower

Blog 2023-08-08

The committee was certainly looking forward to this day the 8th of August 2023.

You obviously don't want to wish your life away, but it was one of those days where you have a strong sense of satisfaction after completing yet another club goal.

There was a lot of work done in the background to secure the funding for our new mower and as usual the hard work and determination of the committee has paid off.

The Club would like to thank the MAAA and the VMAA for supporting our grant application and assisting with the funding of the mower.

Mowing is an integral part of the clubs ongoing maintenance activities. The previous mower was good however with approximately 16 acres to look after we needed a truly commercial unit.

One of the key requirements for mowing at the club is to reduce the fire hazard and present the site well in the eyes of the local community. There are a lot of locals who regularly walk the track to the point as part of their fitness routine, or get out of the house routine.

The new mower is capable or mower the outer areas as well as cutting the strip like a nice clean cut shave.

For those of you who are still reading this and are interested in mowers, here is a brief overview.


Professional Zero-Turn Mower

Cutting width: 152 cm

Cut range: 25mm - 127mm

Engine: Kawasaki FX Series 31 HP

Speed: forward 19.3 km/h

Serviceable drive units.

5yr Commercial Warranty

Yes that was a shameless plug for the mower, and again thank you to the team at Australian Forrest and Garden located in Warragul.

Elijah really helped out out on price with a very low hour demo unit and we are truly grateful for this offer.

As it turns out Elijah in his younger days, yeah the good ol' days, learnt how to fly RC planes. So Elijah will be joining the club in the coming weeks.

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