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BRAG RC Model Plane Club

Try Fly Day Overview

Blog 2023-05-21

What a great turn out the try fly day was on the 21st of May 2023

The day was advertised on Facebook and was fully booked within 4 days.

On the day 20 people of all ages had a try at flying an RC plane. Many for the first time, and a few who had flown sometime in the past.

The weather was overcast with light winds and some drizzle from time to time. Non of this stopped the students, instructors and the planes.

If you missed out we will be holding this event again.

I would like to make a special mention to the following people who made this event happen:

Andrew Sill from Sill Marketing. Andrew set up our new Facebook page and ran the Facebook ads for the event. This included a booking form so that we could manage and limit the number of bookings per hour and total attendees for the day. The actual ad costs were surprisingly inexpensive.

Steven Green asked the key question, "what do you need to make this happen". The response was advertising and instructors. Steve said I will help and I will bring a friend. Thank you Damien Mould for traveling and instructing on the day.

Also, thank you to Mick G for instructing on the day. As Mick is a local, he will be helping the attendees who want to come back and have another go.

Also thank you to the VMAA for their support of the event and supporting the club.

The BBQ was running all day, which helped the club raise some funds. Thank you to Scott did a great job organising and managing the catering.

And lastly, thanks to Steve for keeping the strip in good order considering the current weather at the moment.

At the BBQ we had a bucket for gold coin donations. We are very grateful to the attendees who donated to the club. Every little bit helps.

Albury RC was kind enough to provide some discount vouchers for those wanting to join the club and buy a trainer.

The instructors did a great job within the allocated time slots. It was like watching a smooth well seasoned production line.

We even managed to fit in a couple of extra students who showed interest on the day.

What worked for the day was the advertising and bookings system, it made promoting the day easy. The instructors having a choice of both mode1 and mode 2 buddy TX on each plane. This meant that there was little waiting time.

Setting up two simulators with choice of Mode1 and Mode 2. Many people went back to the simulators after having a fly.

Having a display plane near the simulator to explain control surfaces and other aspects of flying an RC plane.

The BBQ and donations bucket worked well to help financially support the club.

We took the time to set up two simulators. One set up as Mode 1 and the other set up as Mode 2.

The two main instructors for the club are both Mode 1.

On the day we were able to set up both Mode1 and Mode 2 buddy box connections.

We found some people had a preference for mode 1 or mode 2.

People who had flown a full size plane before gravitated towards mode 2.

If any has a spare Futaba T6k they would like to donate to the club, we would be grateful. It will be set up as a second mode two option.

RC simulator trainng

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